Sunday, May 30, 2010

Magnesia Phos

Name : Magnesia Phos
Class  : Phosphate of Magnesia

1. The great antispasmodic remedy.
2. It is indicated in chorea, cramping of muscles with radiating pain. Neuralgic pains are relieved by warmth & Pressure.
3. Specially suited to tired, languid, exhausted persons.
4. Infant colic, flatulent colic, forcing patient to bend double relieved by rubbing, warmth, pressure accompained with belching of gas which give no relief.
5. All the symptoms aggravated due to cold applications can be cured by Mag Phos e.g. headache, toothache, chest complaints etc.
6. Suffocating sensation, must loosen clothing.
7. Goitre, spasmodic cough with difficultly in lying down. Whooping cough.
8. Menstrual colic, membranous dysmenorrhoea.

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