Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Bio Combination No. 24 - Tonic Nerves & Brain (Five Phos)

Bio Combination No. 24 - Tonic Nerves & Brain (Five Phos)

(Calc Phos, Ferr Phos, Kali Phos, Mag Phos, Nat Phos)

General Indication:
If the mental, physical, general and nervous weakness due to loss of vital fluid occur, then Five Phos is considerd a useful remedy. These symptoms may also appear because of any sudden shock. Five Phos is also useful when the physica, mental & general strength becomes weak because of the sexual abuses. Five Phos regulates the lost strength. It also increases haemoglobin f lactating mothers and elderly women. Five Phos is used as a general tonic for those people who are busy most of the time in mental work. The use of Five Phos keeps the person tired free all the day long.
A genere tonic for all chronically wasting diseases; anaemia of young quickly growing people. Recommended for women who have been weakened by frequent childbearing. General debility and exhaustion with a lack of vitality.

Specific Indication:
Effective compositum for physical, mental, general & nervous problems. Indication caused by some shock. Useful in lactating mothers & elderly women. Five Phos is used as general tonic to keep you fresh all the day long.

* As Prescribed by Homoeopathic Doctor.

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